Daily Prayers of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Faith

Beseme AB Wo’Weld woMenfes Qidus, Ahadu Amlak, Amen – In The Name of The Holy Father, The Holy Son, The Holy Spirit, One God. Amen.

It is mandatory for all faithful to pray seven times a day and at the following hours:

1. Upon rising from bed in the morning and before eating or commencing any task. Wash your hands and pray standing.
We glorify God for bringing us from darkness (night) to light (day). Adam was created.

2. At the third hour (9:00 AM) It is the Hour Eve was created. Daniel, the prophet prayed to God; the incarnation of Christ was announced by the
Angel Gabriel; The Lord was chastised in the presence of Pilot; and the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost.

3. At the sixth hour (Noon) Satan is very active in deceiving people. Enoch offered prayer to God in the sanctuary
at Noon Christ was crucified at the 6th Hour.

4. At the ninth hour (3:00 PM) The Angels transmit our prayers and offerings to God. Our Lord gave His life on the Cross at the Ninth Hour
for our salvation

5. In the evening (6 PM) everyone receives payment for their labour; evening is a symbol of the Second Advent when
everyone shall be judged according to his work. Christ was buried at this hour.

6. In the evening (9 PM) before going to sleep, a prayer of thanksgiving is said because God has caused us to complete
the working hours of the day, also God himself prayed at this hour.

7. The Midnight prayer is most important because it was at this Hour that Christ was born, baptized and rose from the dead and will come again to judge the living and the dead. The hands should be washed with water before morning and midnight prayers.
( The washing of hands is a symbol of purification ). Kyrie ~ Eleison is said 41 times at the end of prayers. (My Lord have Mercy)
or you can say : Ig-zee-‘o tesahalene 41 ( “Lord have mercy upon us” )




DAILY PRAYERS – (while crossing yourself and prostrating 3 times, say…)
1. I cross my face and all over my  body with the sign of the cross.
  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, One God.
+ Lord pity us, Lord spare us, Lord have Mercy on us, Amen.
+ Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son  and the Holy Spirit now and for eve   and ever world without end, Amen.
  I believe and offer my supplications unto the Holy trinity.
  I denounce Satan in  the sight of the Holy Mother Orthodox Church.  And  in the presence of the Virgin Maryam
  whom is Zion for ever and ever. Amen

O Lord, we give you thanks, and we adore and glorify you.
O Lord, we subject ourselves unto you We put our trust in you,
We give thanks unto you, O Lord, and serve your Holy name,
We worship you, to whom all knees bow in worship and all tongues serve,
Thou are God of Gods, Lord of Lords, and Kings of Kings.
Thou are the creator of all who have bodies and souls.
We call upon you according to the teachings of your Holy Son, who said,    “When we pray, say,”
AMHARIC (phonetic transcription)
  Abetu enamesgenhalen Abetu
  Engkeprehalen Abetu Engezalhalen
  Abetu Qidus, Smehne Enamesgenaln
  Abetu Gulbt Hulu Lante Ygezal
  Yamlakoch Amlak Ygeatoch Geata
  Yngusochim Ngus Fettari Anta Nehe
  Enantes Bemtsilyubet Gize Endih
  Blachetlu Blo Qdus Ljjh  Ljjh
  Endiheyaln Smchne Enttergalen
  3. Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom   come, Thy will be done on Earth as it
  is in Heaven,  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive  those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us and rescue us from all evil; for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,
  forever and forever. Amen
  AMHARIC  (phonetic transcription)
Abba-tachin Hoy, Bese-mai  Yemit-nor,
  Simih    Ye-kedes,   Mengistih    Timta,
  Fi-qadih  Bese-mai,  Inde-Honech
  Indihun  Bim-i-der   Ti-Hun,
  Ye’il-let   In-jera-chi-nin,  Sitene  Za-rey
  Bedela-Chin-nin    Yi-qir    Bel-len,
  Eng-nam  Yebedel-lu-nin Yi-qir  Ende-minil,
  Abetu – Wode   Fe-te-nam   At-tag-baan,
  Ke-kif-fu     Adin-nin    Enjee
  Mengist   Yan-te   Nat-tin-na
  Hailim  Mis-ganam  Lezel’ alem-mu Amen 
  O Holy Virgin Mariam in the peace of the
  Angel Gabriel, peace be unto thee.
Thou are Virgin in Spirit as well as in body
  O thou Mother of Perfect God, peace be
  unto thee, Blessed are thou amongst
  women and Blessed is the fruit of thy
  womb.  Rejoice, O thou who are full of
  grace, the Lord is with thee.  Ask and
  pray for us to thy Beloved Son, Eeyesus
  Kiristos, that he may have mercy upon
  our souls and forgive us our sins.   Amen
  Eme-bea-ta-chin Qi-dist Dingil Maryam Hoy,
  bem-mel-aku  be-qidus  Gabri-el Selamta,
  Selam  in-ilish-alem,
  Bay-ha-sab-e-shim   dingl   nesh,
  Bay-se-ga-shim   dingl  nesh,
  Yea-che-na-fee   ye-ig-zi-abhear  inat Hoy,
  Selamta  Le-an-chee   yi-ge-bashal,
  ke-se-toch  hulu   tele-ytesh,  anchi
  yete-ba-re-kish  nesh, yma-he-tay-nish  fray
  yete-bareke new, segan ye-tem-el-ash Hoy,
des yebilish, Ig-zi-abhear  keachi gar new-ina
  ket-tay-we-da-dew   Li-ji-shi, kegetachin,
ke-mediha-nee-ta-chin,  ke-Eeyesus Kristos
Zend, Y-kirtan lemig-ni-lin, Hat-tee-a-ta-chin,
yasteseriy-lin zend,  lezel’ alem-mu.  Amen
 Holy, Holy, Holy, perfect Lord of Hosts
  Heaven and Earth are Full of the  Holiness of  thy glory.
  We worship thee, Eyesus Kristos,  with thy merciful and Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, the Life giver, for thou did come and Save us.
  I offer one worship to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
  (repeat 3xs)
  Being one, He is three and being  three he is one.  They are three in  persons and one in Godhead.
  I worship before our Lady MariamVirgin and Mother of God, who is pure in flesh and in her soul.
  I worship before the cross of our Lord Iyesus Kristos, which was sanctified by his precious blood.
  The Cross is our Might,
  The Cross is our Strength.
  The Cross is our Ransom,
  and the Cross is the Medicine
  of our Soul.
  The Jews denied Him, but we believe in him.
  We who have believed in Him are  Saved by the power of His cross
Glory be to the Father, Glory be to the  Son, Glory be to the Holy Spirit (3Xs)
It is due to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (3Xs)
Glory be to our Lady Mariam, Virgin and  Mother of God.
It is due to our Lady Mariam, Virgin and Mother of God.
Glory be to the cross of our Lord, Iyesus Kristos.
It is due to the cross of our Lord, Iyesus Kristos.
Let Christ remember us in his mercy. Amen.
And not neglect us in his second coming Amen.
Let Him awaken us in order that we may thank His name.  Amen.
Let Him make us firm in His worship. Amen.
Our Lady Mariam, lift our prayers.  Amen.
Ask forgiveness for all our sins.   Amen.
Before the throne of our Lord.  Amen.
To Him who gave us this bread.  For his mercy endures forever.
And to Him who gave us this cup. For his mercy endures forever.
And to Him who have given us our food and clothing.  For His mercy endures forever.
And to Him who endures all our sins.   For His mercy endures forever.
And to Him who gave us His Holy flesh and His precious blood
For His mercy endures forever.   To Him who saved us from death.
For His mercy endures forever.   And to Him who preserves us to this very moment.
  To Him let us give glory, giving thanks to  God the Most High, and let us give thanks to His mother and His Honorable Cross.
Peace be unto you, while honoring you our mother Mariam, we beseech you. We trust YOU to save us from evil beasts. For the sake of Hanna, thy mother and father Iyakem.  O Virgin Mariam, today bless our congregation.

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