On this day died Abba Sanitius, the sixty-third Archbishop of the city of Alexandria.  This father used to teach the people, and he sat for fifteen years and died in peace.

And on this day also died the holy father Abba Peter, the twenty-seventh Archbishop of the city of Alexandria, who was appointed after Saint Timothy.  After God had chosen this holy father for the office of archbishop, and he had taken his seat upon the Apostolic Throne, Akkaeus (Akakios), Archbishop of the city of Constantine, wrote to him a letter wherein he spoke and confessed the Holy Trinity, One God, according to the Faith of Saints Cyril and Dioscurus, and he also spoke clearly in it, saying, “It is not right to separate His Divine Nature from His Incarnation, and after their union the benefit of the union must not be cut off.”  And Abba Peter wrote an answer to his letter wherein he accepted [what he had said] concerning the True Faith, and he sent the letter to him with three learned bishops.  When they came to the Archbishop of the city of Constantine he accepted those bishops and the letter, which they had with them, and he associated them with him in the consecration of the Offering, and in the Offering; and he read the letter before the people who believed his word.  Then Akkaeus (Akakios) wrote a second letter and sent it to Abba Peter wherein were explanations of many passages from the Holy Scriptures; and Abba Peter assembled the bishops who were under his authority, and he read that letter before them, and rejoiced exceedingly, and they admired the words and the explanations therein, and they believed in their participation with him in the True Faith.  And there came upon this father great tribulation, which was caused, by the Jews, and evil men, and pagans, because of the Faith, and they drove him from his archiepiscopal throne; but after a few days he returned to the throne of his office. And he used to teach his flock continually, and strengthen them in the True Faith.  When he was far away from them in exile he used to teach them to be strong by his letters, and when he was with them he used to teach them by his words; and he sat upon his throne for ten years, and died in peace.

Salutation to the blessed Sanitius and to his great companion.

And on this day also are commemorated Satenwa (Setenna), the prophetess of Alexandria, and Saint Anastasia, and Abba Libanos.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.