On this day died the great Saint Cyriacus.  This holy man was born in the city of Corinth, and his parents were Orthodox Christians, and they taught him the doctrine of the Orthodox Church. They brought him to Abba Peter, Bishop of the city of Corinth, and they prayed over him and appointed him a reader; now he was the son of this father’s brother.  And he used to read the Scriptures continually, and enquire into the meaning of phrases, and ordinances of the Law of the Church, and he was superior to many in his learning and wisdom.  And the bishop commanded him not to abandon the reading of the Scriptures, and Cyriacus used to read continually to the people in church and in the bishop’s house; and the bishop rejoiced in his reading of the Scriptures. When the days of Cyriacus were eighteen years, his parents asked him to take unto himself a wife, but he did not want to do this. 

After this he begged his parents to allow him to depart to a monastery, and they permitted him, and he was always going to the monasteries and returning to his parents.  And having visited the monasteries very often [at length he wished] to assume to holy garb of the monk.  And he departed to holy Jerusalem, and he visited Saint Abba Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, and he told him his mind in respect of the life of the monk.  And Cyril said unto him, “Thou hast wrought a good work, and thou hast loved [it]”; and he prophesied of him that he would become a great father, and that he would fight a great fight, and that the souls of many would shine through him.  And Abba Cyril the bishop blessed him and sent him away to the honorable father Abba Romanus, father of the monks of Palestine.  And this father accepted him, and rejoiced in him, and he arrayed him in the garb of the monk, and he gave him one of the old men of that monastery to admonish him, and to teach him the Rule of the monks, and to make him to know the artifices and crafts of Satan. 

And this saint gave himself wholly to fasting, and prayer, and bowings to the ground, and vigils, and severe labors both by night and by day, in patient endurance, and the deepest abasement, and humility.  And God bestowed upon him the gift of healing, and he used to heal all the sick people who came unto him; and the report of him, and of his virtues and of his holiness was noised everywhere.  When the holy father Abba Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, went to the holy Council of One Hundred and Fifty Bishops who were gathered together in the city of Constantine because of Macedonius, the enemy of the Holy Ghost, he took this holy man with him.  And Cyriacus opposed the arguments of Macedonius, the infidel, and he vanquished him by the word (or voice) of the Holy Spirit, which dwelt in him.  And having grown old and attained to a good age, and pleased God, he died in peace; and after his death God made manifest great signs and miracles through his body, one of which was the following.  Now his body hath remained in one of the monasteries of the city of Jerusalem from the time of his death until the present day, and it hath not suffered any corruption.  All those who go to the city of Jerusalem and look upon his body, think that he died only a few days ago, whereas he has been dead for a period of six hundred years.  Now, he lived in the days of Theodosius the Great, and father of Arcadius and Honorius. Salutation to Cyriacus.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.