On this day took place the consecration of the church of Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus in the city of Rusafa.  Now, Saint Sergius having been martyred in the city of Rusafa certain believing men took his body and prepared it for burial [and kept it] with them, and they lighted lamps before it; and it remained hidden with them until the end of the days of persecution when they brought it out and built a fine church for it.  And there gathered together about him in the church fifteen bishops, and they consecrated it on this day, and many signs and wonders took place through it.  And when they removed his body and laid it in the church there flowed forth from it scented unguent, the perfume whereof was exceedingly sweet, and it healed all the sick folk who received some of it in faith and in True Faith; and to this day a sweet odor floweth forth from his body.  Salutation to the bishops who consecrated the shrine of Sergius.

And on this day also is the beginning of the fasting service of the birth of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ for all the Christians of Rome and ‘Afrangi (Europe?), and Syria and Armenia, with the exception of the men of Egypt and Ethiopia and Noba.

And on this day also is commemorated Saint Bartholomew the apostle, one of the Twelve Apostles.  And his preaching took place in the country of Al-Khargah (the Great Oasis), and at length he turned many to the knowledge of God.  His martyrdom took place on the first day of Maskaram.  Salutation to the fighting apostle who was tied up in a hair sack and cast into the sea.

And on this day also became martyrs Saints Theophilus, and his wife Patricia, and their son Damalis.  This holy man was brought up in the fear of God and in the service of Christ.  And certain men went and told ‘Antihipotos, the governor, that he was a Christian, and the governor, who was in the temple of Jupiter, ordered his soldiers to bring him to him.  When they had brought him the governor said unto him, “Whence art thou?  What is thy faith?”  And Theophilus said unto him, “I am a Christian and I believe on my Lord Jesus Christ.”  And the governor said unto him, “Offer sacrifice to the gods so that thou mayest not die an evil death”; and Theophilus said unto him, “I will only sacrifice to my Lord Jesus Christ.”  And the governor commanded his soldiers to hang him up and to scrape his body until his bowels appeared, [and they did so], but he was protected and did not suffer.  Then the governor ordered them to light a fire and to cast him into it, [and they did so], but when the saint had prayed in the midst of the fire, the fire was scattered and the saint came forth from it untouched thereby.  And the governor seeing this ordered them to cast him into prison and to keep him under very strict restraint so that he might died of hunger, [and they did so].  Eight days after this his wife Patricia came to him carrying her boy, and she encouraged him to become a martyr and to die for the Name of Christ.  And the governor went into the prison house to enquire if anyone had given any food to Saint Theophilus.  When he opened the door of the prison house the sweet smell of incense met him, and he found Saint Theophilus sitting upon a cushion, which had been spread out, and three angels were with him, and they were eating milk and honey.  When the governor saw this he was terrified and withdrew.  On the following day the governor commanded the soldiers to bring Theophilus to him, and he went, his wife accompanying him. And the governor said unto him, “Sacrifice to the god Jupiter.”  And Theophilus said unto him, “I will only sacrifice to my Lord Jesus Christ.”  And the governor commanded the soldiers to throw him to the lions, [and they did so], and the lions rushed at him and kissed his feet, but in doing this by the Will of God they wounded him slightly, and he delivered up his soul to God.  And Saint Patricia took his body and put it into a chest, and the governor ordered his soldiers to take her into the amphitheatre and to give her to the lions, [and they did so].  When the boy Damalis saw this he laughed, and said, “I believe in the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost”; now the child spoke being only five months old, and he was crowned by the lion.  Salutation to Theophilus and his wife Patricia, and Salutation to their son Damalis, who though ignorant of the names of his father and mother shed his blood for Christ.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.