On this day died the holy father Anianus, Archbishop of the city of Alexandria, the second from Mark the evangelist.  This holy man was a native of Alexandria and his parents were infidel pagans, and his trade was that of a sandal maker.  When Saint Mark the evangelist and apostle came into the city of Alexandria, by the Will and wisdom of God he struck his foot against a stone and broke the latchet of his sandals, and he gave the sandal to this Saint Anianus to sew for him.  And when he took the sandal to sew it, he thrust his awl into it, and it passed right through it and pierced his finger; and he said in the Greek tongue, “Istaos (Eis Theos),” which being interpreted is “One God.”  When Saint Mark the evangelist heard him mention the Name of God, he took up some dust from the ground and spat spittle upon it, and laid it upon the finger of Anianus and healed it immediately; and Anianus marveled at this, and he took Saint Mark and brought him into his house, and he asked him about his name and Faith, and from what place he had come.  Then Saint Mark began to tell him from the Old and the New Testaments concerning the Godhead of our Lord Christ, and His wisdom, and His being made man, and His Death and Resurrection, and the working of miracles in His holy Name.  And he illumined the heart of Saint Anianus, and he believed in the Lord Christ, and the men of his house also, and they were baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; and the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit came down upon them.  And they became devoted hearers of the doctrine of Saint Mark the apostle, and Anianus learned all the doctrine of the Church, and her ordinances and her Law.  When Saint Mark the apostle wished to go to Pentapolis to preach, he laid his hand upon the head of Saint Anianus and made him Archbishop of the city of Alexandria.  And he used to preach to the men thereof, and baptize them secretly, and help the believers and strengthen them in the True Faith.  And he set apart his own house for a church, and it is said, that this church, which is outside the city of Alexandria on the west, was known to Saint George the martyr.  And this Saint Anianus sat upon the throne of Mark the evangelist twelve years, and he died in peace.  Salutation to Anianus who protected his flock against the jaws of the ravening wolf, and received the reward of the shepherd in heaven.

And on this day also took place the consecration of the church of Saint Theodore the general.  Salutation to the consecration of thy church, O Saint Theodore the martyr!  Save me even as thou didst save the son of the Hebrew woman.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.