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Introduction – The Ethiopian Liturgy Explained

This Article is prepared to help children born outside of Ethiopia, or who came at an early age, to understand the Divine Liturgy, and understand the depth of the rite of the Divine Liturgy. It is essential to know the meaning of prayer, before praying. If we just recite prayers, without understanding the meaning of prayer, we would just be saying words, and not feeling the words. Therefore it is essential that we understand the Divine Liturgy, so that we can feel not just the words, but also the angelic and divine presence. If we understand the Divine Liturgy, we will be spiritually removed from this world, and be immersed in the events of the Christ’s Birth, His journey to Golgotha, His agony on the day of His crucifixion, and His glorious Resurrection. We will feel the presence of angels, the angelic hymns. We will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the communion with the hosts of angels in the presence of God.  Read more

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