On this day died the great saint and apostle Onesiphorus, one of the Seventy-two disciples, whom our Lord chose. This holy man was one of the children of Israel, and he belonged to the tribe of Benjamin; his parents kept the Law of the Thorah (i.e. the Pentateuch), and they followed our Redeemer at the same time. They were of the number of those who clung to Him so that they might see His works, and the greatness of His miracles, and hear His teachings. And Onesiphorus remained thus for a few days watching always the many miracles and changes that were wrought. And when our Lord raised the son of the widow of the city of Nain, he was with Him, and was one of the number of those who dwelt there. When he saw this miracle he demanded through it another miracle. And he did not delay, but at once forsook the light of the Lamp of the Jews, for he wished for [that of] the Sun of righteousness. And he drew nigh unto our Lord Jesus Christ, and believed on Him, and was baptized by His hand. And having received the gracious gift of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, he came to Zion with the Apostles, and he followed them and ministered unto them, and preached in many cities. And the Apostles made him bishop of the countries of Athens, and he preached in them, and he made the people to know Christian baptism, and he illumined their souls with teaching and admonition; and he healed both their souls and their bodies. And having finished his strife, he died in peace, and received the crown of glory of the victor. All the days of his life were seventy years; of these he lived twentynine under the Law of the Jews, and forty-one years under the Christian Law. And behold, the Apostle Paul mentions him in the Epistle to Timothy (2 Timothy i, xiv; iv, xix), and in his other Epistles. Salutation to Onesiphorus.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.