On this day died the great and honored and righteous man, Joachim, the father of our Lady, the holy Virgin Mary, the God-bearer. This righteous man was called by three names, which are as follows: Joachim, and Yonakir, and Zadok. He was of the seed of David, and of the tribe of Judah, for he was the son of Joachim, the son of Lazarus, the son of Eldad, whose tribe goeth back to Solomon the king, the son of David the king, whom God promised that his seed should reign over the children of Israel for ever. The wife of this righteous man was Hannah, and she was barren, and both of them prayed and entreated God continually, by day and by night, [to give them children]. And having accepted their petition He gave them good fruit, and sweet, which satisfied all the men of the world, and He removed from them the bitterness of servitude, and He made Joachim worthy to be called the father or Christ, because of His marvelous Incarnation, which was to take place through his daughter. And after God had shown His joy in the birth of our Lady, the holy Virgin Mary, the God-bearer, his heart was glad, and he brought his offering to the altar, for shame had been removed from him, and from his kinsfolk. And after our Lady, the holy Virgin Mary, the God-bearer, had left her mother’s breast, Joachim took her and carried her into the sanctuary of God, according to what they had vowed to God. And having lived a few days after he died in peace. Salutation to Joachim.

And on this day also are commemorated ‘Agabos, and Theodora, the martyrs, and Abba Metruf, the son of Abba Muse of Dabra Lebyon. Salutation to ‘Agabos, Theodora, and Metruf.
Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.