On this day Simon, a native of the country of Armenia, and Bishop of the country of Persia, became a martyr; and with him were one hundred and fifty others who suffered. This holy man lived in the reign of Sapor, the son of Hormizd, who was called, “puller out of the arms,” because when he conquered another king he bound him in fetters, and pulled out his arms. And he inflicted very severe tribulation upon the believers, and he laid forced labor upon them. And this holy man sent to him a letter wherein he said, “Those whom our Lord Jesus Christ hath bought with His honorable Blood are to be saved from the servitude of men, and they are the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Therefore forced labor doth not befit them, and they are not liable to render the illegal and excessive labor and tribute, which may be decreed for them. But they may choose to die for our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hath shed His blood for them, and may not perform service for the wicked men who transgress the Law.” When Sapor had read the letter of this holy man, he was exceedingly wroth, and he bound him with two chains of iron, and brought him and cast him into the prison house, where the holy man found many men who denied Christ and worshipped the sun; but these men were bound for other reasons. And the saint rebuked them, and taught them, and they believed on our Lord Jesus Christ; and the soldiers cut off their heads, and they received crowns of martyrdom. After this the king had this holy man brought, and there were with him one hundred and fifty men, and the holy man strengthened them until they cut off their heads and they received crowns of martyrdom. And one of these men was terrified, and he dreaded the sword, and he wished to deny his Faith; but one of those who were standing there said unto him, “Be not terrified at the stroke of the sword, which is as nothing, but shut thine eyes and thou shalt be numbered with the martyrs, and thou shalt reign with our Lord Jesus Christ for ever.” And he did thus, and he received a crown of martyrdom. Then certain men informed against that man who had encouraged the other, now his name was Basek, and they brought him to the king, and the king cut out his tongue and flayed him, and Basek yielded up his soul. After this he had Saint Simon brought to him, and he said unto him, “Worship the gods. If thou wilt not do so I will torture thee severely”; and the saint would not obey his command, and he was not afraid of his torture. And straightway the king commanded his soldiers to cut off his head with the sword, [and they did so,] and he received the crown of martyrdom in the kingdom of the heavens. And all the days of his life were one hundred and twenty years. Salutation to Simon the Armenian, Bishop of Persia, and salutation to the one hundred and fifty men who suffered with him, and inherited the kingdom of heaven with him.
Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.