On this day died the holy father, Abba Alexander, Bishop of the city of Jerusalem. This holy man was Bishop of the country of Cappadocia, and he came to the city of Jerusalem in order to worship therein, and to receive a blessing through the holy places, and then [he intended] to return to his own country. And there was in Jerusalem a bishop, a righteous man, whose name was Barkisis; he was very far advanced in age, and had reached his 110th year; for a long time he had wished to retire from his see, but the people would not let him do so. When Saint Alexander had finished his work, and wanted to return to his country of Cappadocia, God made the men of Jerusalem to hear a voice from heaven, which said unto them, “Get ye out to the gate, and the first man who cometh in seize, and set him over you as bishop.” And the men went out to the gate of the city, and they found Abba Alexander, and they seized him and brought him in, and the bishop said unto them, “I am Bishop of the country of Cappadocia, and I cannot leave my flock to which Christ hath appointed me [to become bishop] over you. And I see other [reasons]. Behold my diocese is reckoned unto me as a wife, and it is not right for me to forsake it.” Then they told him about the voice which they had heard from heaven, and what it had said unto them about him. And when he knew that the matter was according to the Will of God, and the fathers who were assembled for the festival had advised him to do so, he accepted their words, and he wrote a letter to his own country saying to the people thereof, even as he wrote about it, “Forgive me. Sorrow not for me. Appoint a bishop for yourselves in my place. And do ye rejoice.” And he sent that letter with certain Cappadocian men who had been with him for the festival. Then this Alexander sat with Barkisis, the elder, for a period of five years, and more, and the holy father Barkisis, the elder, died; and Alexander took over his flock in the city of Jerusalem, and he shepherded the people and gave them spiritual protection, even as did the apostles. And Maximus, the infidel governor, seized him, and he inflicted upon him severe tortures of every kind, and then he shut him up in prison until he could decide what to do with him. And God blotted out that wicked governor quickly, and brought out this father from the prison house. When Gordianus became emperor there was quietness, and for a short time he removed tribulation from the Christians. After this he died, and Philip reigned in his stead; now Philip was a believer and he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. And he set free from the prisons all the believers who had been shut up therein for the Name of Christ, and he paid them great honor. And this father sat in quietness and peace until Decius rose and killed Philip, and reigned in his stead; and he afflicted the Christians exceedingly. And he seized this father and many of the elders of the Church, and inflicted punishments of every kind upon them, but especially upon this father, whom he beat cruelly and unmercifully with staves, to which sharp irons pierced his belly. Then he commanded [the soldiers] to drag him by his feet to the prison house, and to throw him in there; and they did even as the emperor commanded. And Alexander lay prostrate in the prison house, but believing on our Lord Christ, and he delivered up his soul into the hand of God, and inherited the kingdom of the heavens, which is prepared for the saints of God. Salutation to Alexander who was beaten to death, and to Antonius, and Luke.

And on this day God sent Michael the archangel to Jeremiah the prophet, and delivered him from the narrow prison wherein Zedekiah the king had imprisoned him, and Abimelek the Ethiopian, the captain of the royal guard brought him out. And Straightway Jeremiah blessed him, and he (the angel) told him that he should neither see the desolation of Jerusalem, nor taste the bitterness of captivity and calamity; and this actually came to pass for him. And he fell asleep for seven and sixty years, and with Michael were wine, and figs, and he gave [them] to Jeremiah the prophet. And for this reason the doctors of the Church have commanded us to make a festival in honor of the glorious Archangel Michael on the twelfth day of each month. Salutation to Michael, the angel of the covenant of God, and helper of all who are on land and sea, like whom there is no other.
And on this day also are commemorated Saint Anthony, Bishop of the city of Tamaw, and Eusanius (Ausanius).
And on this day also are commemorated Gaius (Fugasyos), and Esdras unto whom John the Baptist appeared.Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.