On this day Babnuda, of the city of Dandara (Denderah in Upper Egypt) became a martyr; now he was also called “Al-Dandara.” This holy man was an anchorite, and he was a righteous priest and a fighter. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto him, “Put on priestly apparel (i.e. the holy vestments), and get thee down from this cell, and appear before the governor.” Now Arianus the governor had arrived in a ship at the port of that city, and had asked for the anchorite and found him not. And this holy man Babnuda came to him of his own free will, and he cried out with a loud voice, saying, “I am a Christian openly, and I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ.” When the governor knew that he surely was the anchorite for whom he sought, but could not find, he commanded his soldiers to torture him severely, and they did so; and they loaded him with iron fetters, and took him into a dark chamber. And heavenly light shone upon him, and an angel of the Lord appeared unto him and healed him of his pains, and comforted him. And there was in that city a certain believer whose name was Carolus, with his wife, and his daughter, and twelve young women, and the holy man taught them, and strengthened them, and the soldiers cut off their heads and they became martyrs. And the governor was wroth, and he commanded his soldiers to hang this holy man our father up, head downwards, and to cast him into the river, but the holy man, by the power of God, swam out. And the governor also commanded them to [hang him] on a palm tree, whereupon the palm sent forth fruit, and produced twelve clusters of dates, and [this fact] is remembered unto this day. After this they cut off his head, and he delivered up his holy soul, and received the crown of martyrdom. Salutation to Babnuda, who made the palm to yield fruit. Salutation to the companions of Babnuda. Salutation to Carolus and to his wife and daughter.
[And on this day is commemorated ‘Ammoni.]
Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.