On this day three hundred people became martyrs with Basilides the martyr, general of the city of Antioch.

And on this day also died the holy father Abba Mysis (Modosis), Bishop of the city of ‘Awsim.  This father was holy and chaste, and a virgin from his youth up, and learned all the doctrine of the Church, and was made a deacon; and then he went up to the desert of Hebayeb of Scete, and became a monk under the direction of a righteous man, and he lived with him and ministered unto him for eighteen years; and he devoted himself to the ascetic life, and fought the fight in the narrow way in respect of eating, and drinking, and sleeping, and he fasted, and prayed, and kept vigil constantly in his great humility and love.  When the report of him, and his virtues, and his righteousness became noised abroad, God chose him to be Bishop of the city of ‘Awsim, after Saint Abba Gamel.  When this father had been made bishop he fought a good fight, and he performed far more strenuous ascetic labors then he had performed as a monk.  And he protected the Christian flock from the wolves of the Devil, and he watched unto prayer on their behalf, and he never made any money of this fleeting [world] all the days of his life.  When Abba Michael was appointed Archbishop of the city of Alexandria, he became a martyr, without the shedding of blood.  And this father was with those who were in prison, and great tribulation came upon him, and they beat him with many cruel stripes, and they shut him up in prison, with irons on his legs, for a long time.  And God performed by the hands of this father many signs and wonders, and because of his miracles, those who knew nothing of his righteousness and virtues learned about him.  And the gift of prophecy was bestowed upon him, and he declared many things before they came to pass; and they did happen, even as he prophesied.  He prophesied to Abba Theodore, Bishop of the city of Mesr (Cairo), that the king would not come back in his splendor, and his prophecy was fulfilled; and he prophesied as to what would happen to the governor of Egypt, and his prophecy was fulfilled.  And he healed many sick and suffering persons by his prayer.  And having finished his fight at a good old age, and pleased God, he fell sick of a slight fever, and he knew that the time of his death [had come].  And he called the people, and blessed them, and absolved them, and asked them to pray to him, and they all wept and entreated him to pray for them.  And he prayed over them and said unto them, “Take good heed to yourselves and be strong in the True Faith”; and when he had said this he died.  And they wept over him with a great weeping, and they wrapped him [in costly cloths] and buried him with great honor and with the singing of psalms and hymns in the manner which befitteth bishops; and many miracles and great cures took place through him.  And all the days of his life were twenty years and more.  Salutation to Mysis, Bishop of ‘Awsim.

And on this day also Saint Ptolemy, of the city of Upper Manuf, became a martyr.  And one informed the governor that this saint was a Christian, and he had him brought before him, and Ptolemy confessed our Lord Jesus Christ; and the governor tortured him severely, and cut off his head with a sword, and the saint received the crown of martyrdom in the kingdom of the heavens.  Salutation to Ptolemy.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.