On this day is celebrated the festival of the glorious Archangel Michael, for on this day he appeared unto the righteous Constantine above the city of Rome, and gave him power over all his enemies, and the emperor conquered them, and his kingdom became strong.  And he destroyed the houses of idols, and built churches, and decorated them with every kind of decoration.  For this reason our Fathers, the doctors of the Church, have commanded us to celebrate the festival of the glorious angel, Michael the archangel, on the twenty-second (?) day of this month.   Salutation to thee, O Michael, angel of the covenant and counsel of God.

And on this day also the righteous Emperor Constantine began to reign over the city of Rome, and over all the kingdoms of the countries, and the country of Syria, and Jerusalem, and the country of Egypt, and the Christian kingdoms.  He reigned with his father Konesta in the city of Baranteya (Byzantium) and all the borders thereof for twelve years, and his father died, and he reigned in Baranteya (Byzantium) and the districts thereof.  And he blotted out oppressors and the workers of iniquity in his kingdom, and his righteousness and justice were famous in all the ends of the world.  And the chiefs of the city of Rome sent to him asking him to deliver them from the oppression of the Emperor Maximianus, who denied Christ, and to save them from his slavery.  When Constantine read their letter he was very sorry, because the oppression of that infidel had come upon them, and he pondered in what way he could deliver them.  And the honorable Cross appeared unto him, and he was helped thereby.  He departed to fight against Maximianus, and he crushed him and conquered him, and Maximianus fled from him; and the bridge which was over the river split asunder and he died an evil death, and his soldiers were drowned in the river.  Now this took place in the seventh year of his reign.  And straightway the elders of the city of Rome, and all the men thereof, received Constantine with great honor, and with joy and gladness, and he made a festival to celebrate his victory for seven days.  And all the learned men of the city of Rome, and the poets (?) thereof, whose words were sweet and who were skilful in declaiming them, pronounced encomiums on the Honorable Cross, and called it the “Savior of their city”; and they pronounced encomiums on Constantine, and called him, “Conqueror,” and “Conqueror by the might of the Cross.”  And in the eleventh year of his reign Constantine was baptized with Christian baptism by the hand of Sal Peter (sic), Archbishop of the city of Rome.  And his name was mentioned at the altar, as at this day, and how the Honorable Cross appeared unto him, and how he waged war on Maximianus, and how that infidel was drowned.  And behold we have written the description of all this in the section for the eighteenth day of the month of Megabit, the day of the death of this righteous king.  Salutation to the day when Constantine began to reign in Rome.

And on this day twenty hundred men became martyrs with Basilides.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.