On this day the blessed Apostle Eutychius became a martyr.  This holy apostle was the disciple of Saint John the evangelist, and he was filled with the grace of the Life-giving Holy Spirit, whilst he was ministering to John the apostle, and he was subject unto him.  He longed to go with Paul the apostle, and John commanded that he should go with him, and he went with him into the preaching.  And he preached in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and he converted many of the Greeks and brought them into the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and he baptized them with Christian baptism; and he destroyed the temples of idols, and rebuilt them as churches of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And he endured great tribulation, and imprisonment, and beatings for many days by the infidels.  And the angel of God used to come to him in the prison house, and with him was the food, which the saint ate, and which fire had never touched.  And the soldiers also cast him to the lions, but the beasts never attacked him, and they were friendly towards him, like sheep with their shepherd.  And then he went to the city of Constantinople, and the angel of God went before him and strengthened him.  And having finished his fight, and waxed old, and arrived at a good old age, he departed to God Whom he loved.  Salutation to Eutychius, who was called the “Companion of John the evangelist.”

And on this day also the holy priest Besoy, the brother of Saint Abba Hor, became a martyr.  This saint came from the city of Antioch, and he belonged to an honorable family, and because of the nobility of his kinsfolk, and his knowledge and his Orthodoxy, he was appointed priest.  And when his brother Abba Hor, and his mother Diodora went to the city of Alexandria, and became martyrs on the twenty-ninth day of the month of Sane, this saint rose up to go to the city of Alexandria to see their bodies, and to be blessed by them.  And he gave all [his money] to the poor and needy, and took nothing with him except three bread-cakes and a staff of palm wood on which to lean.  And when he arrived in the city of Alexandria he enquired for the bodies of his brother and mother, and certain men guided him and brought him to them; and when he saw them he wept with a bitter weeping, because of his separation from them.  And then he went to the governor and confessed our Lord Jesus Christ before him, and he made known to him that he was the brother of Abba Hor.  And the governor commanded the soldiers to set a great pillar on his belly, and straightway he delivered up his soul into the hand of God.  And then the governor commanded the soldiers to burn the body of the saint and the bodies of his brother and mother in the fire, and the bodies of other martyrs, eighty-eight in number, but the fire never touched them.  And certain believing men took the bodies of Saint Abba Hor, and his brother Abba Besoy, and his mother Diodora, and Saint Damon, of the city of Debeya, and the body of Saint Bimakos from the city of Barmon, and Wursunufa of the city of Tuluya, and carried them in a ship, and brought them to the city of ‘Ablasi with great honor, and laid them in a good place until the days of persecution were ended.  And they built a church for them, and laid them in it, and many signs and wonders and many healings were made manifest through them.  Salutation to Abba Besoy.

And on this day also are commemorated Saints Pachomius and Serapion.  Salutation to Serapion and Pachomius.

Salutation to the imprisonment of John the Baptist.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.