Feast Days of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Faith

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church recognizes many feast days. Every day of the month is dedicated to a particular Saint. The feast days of particular saints in particular months are considered the Annual Feast, (once or twice a year) when the Tabot (Ark) of the Church is brought out in procession and vast numbers of people gather to honor the Saint. The yearly feasts of the Savior of the World occure in the Ethiopian months of Megabit (runs from mid-March to mid-April), and Tirr (mid-October to mid-November). Below is a list of the dates and the monthly observances of Saints and holidays on those days.

Saint days and the Day of the month they fall on

Lideta (Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary) and Elias (Elijah)on the 1st

Thaddius on the 2nd

Ba’eta (Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple of Jerusalem) on the 3rd

Yohannis Wolde Negedquad (John Son of Thunder) on the 4th

Petros we Paulos (Peter and Paul) and Gebre Menfes Kidus on the 5th

Our Lady of Qusquam (Egypt) on the 6th

Holy Trinity Day on the 7th

Kiros and Abba Banuda on the 8th

Thomas (not the Apostle) on the 9th

Kidus Meskel (Feast of the Holy Cross) on the 10th

Hanna we Iyachem (St Anne and St. Joachim, parents of the Holy Virgin Mary) and Fasiledes on the 11th

Michael the Archangel, Samuel, and Yared on the 12th

Feast of Igziabher Ab (God the Father) and Ruphael the Archangel on the 13th

Abba Aregawi and Gebre Kristos on the 14th

Kirkos and his mother Iyalota on the 15th

Kidane Meheret (Our Lady, Covenant of Mercy) on the 16th

Estifanos (Stephen the Martyr) and Abba Gerima on the 17th

Ewstatewos on the 18th

Gabriel the Archangel on the 19th

Hnstata on the 20th

Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God on the 21st

Deqsius on the 22nd

Georgis (St George) on the 23

Abba Tekle Haimanot & the 24 Heavenly Priests on the 24th

Merkorios on the 25th

Thomas the Apostle on the 26th


Emmanuel on the 28th

Bale Wold (Feast of God the Son)

Markos (St. Mark the Evangelist)

The first day of the year, Meskerem Ist, is the Feast of John the Baptist


eotc priest-carrying-carrying-the-tabot-replica-tablets-from-arc-of-the-covenant-axum-ethiopia

Priest Carrying The Tabot, the replica of the tablets from the Ark of The Covenant in Axum, Ethiopia

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