On this day Saint Bacchus and his companion Saint Sergius became martyrs by the hands of the wicked Antiochus, governor of Syria.  Now this took place when the Emperor Maximianus seized these saints, and tortured them with sever tortures after he had cast off their belts, for they were soldiers.  After this he sent them to the country of Syria, to Antiochus the governor, who shut Saint Bacchus and Saint Sergius up in prison.  And he commanded his soldiers to hang him up and to hack him with knives, and to hang stones about his neck, and to cast him into the River Euphrates; and they did to him according as the king commanded.  And God protected the body of Saint Bacchus, and brought it through the sea to the coast.  And there were near him two anchorites and ascetics, the name of the one being Mama, and that of the other Baba, and unto those brethren the angel of the Lord appeared and commanded them to go and carry away the body of Saint Bacchus.  And they went according as the angel of the Lord commanded them, and they found the body of Saint Bacchus, and by the side of it were a lion and wolves protecting it.  And these animals which were wont to eat only the flesh of men and animals had sat by it for one day and one night, and they had been commanded by God Most High to protect the body of Saint Bacchus.  And these holy men took up the body of the saint with great honor, and they sang hymns before it until they came to their cave where they buried it.

Salutation to Bacchus, and Baba, and Mama.

And on this day Saint Ananias, the preacher, one of the two and seventy disciples, became a martyr.  This holy man was Bishop of Damascus, and it was he who baptized the Apostle Paul, our Lord having appeared to him on the road to Damascus, and it was he whom the Apostles appointed bishop, and who was sent by them to the city of Damascus.  He had at first dwelt and preached in the house of Gabriel.  And he healed very many sick people, and converted many to the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.  After he had baptized Paul the Apostle Lucianus the governor seized him and flogged him with leather whips until his blood flowed down to the ground.  And they beat his temples with iron rods, and they burnt his breast with torches of fire.  After this they took him outside the city, and the governor ordered his soldiers to stone him, and they stoned him, and he delivered up his soul into the hand of God.

And on this day also are commemorated the righteous saints Romanus, and Gabra Krestos, and John the eunuch, and the consecration of the church of Senhar.

Salutation to Gabra Krestos.

And on this day also is commemorated the death of the kings ‘Abreha and ‘Asbeha who reigned together over ‘Aksum in Ethiopia. Salutation to kings ‘Abreha and ‘Asbeha.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.