On this day died the fighter Abba Ablarius (Hilarius?) the monk and anchorite.  This holy man was a native of the city of Gaza, and his parents were pagans, and they taught him all the various kinds of learning of the Greeks, and their philosophy, and he was very far superior in knowledge to many of his companions, and wisdom had a dwelling place in his soul.  And he wished to make himself very strong in the learning of foreign peoples, but there was no one in his city who could teach him that learning, and who could fulfill for him all that he desired.  And he rose up and went to the city of Alexandria, and he went into the place where all the doctors sat, and he learned from them many kinds of learning.  And a divine zeal moved within him to learn the doctrine of the Church, and he enquired for the Books of the Church, and certain men gave them to him, and he read them and understood them.  And Abba Iskander, Archbishop of the city of Alexandria, revealed and explained to him the meaning of what was obscure in the Books, and he made him to understand the belief on our Lord Jesus Christ.  And Iskander baptized him with Christian baptism, and he fought a great fight, and he became a monk and devoted himself diligently to the path of the monastic life.  Then he went to Saint Abba Anthony, and he dwelt with him for many days, learning from him the path of righteousness.  When he heard that his parents according to the flesh were dead, he went to his city, and took the goods, which his parents had left him, and gave them to the poor and needy, and to the women who were with child.  Then he entered one of the monasteries in the country of Syria, and he fought a great fight, and he devoted himself strenuously to fasting, and prayer, and bowings, and vigils, and he used to fast for six days and six nights at a time, and he used to feed himself on the grass of the desert.  And his heart shone brightly, and God gave him the gift of prophecy and of working signs and wonders.  After this he dwelt in that same monastery for many years, and it was in that monastery that Epiphanius became a monk.  And the abbot received this Saint Ablarius (Hilarius?) and he taught him the rule of the ascetic life and the Law of the Church, and he prophesied of him that he would become the Bishop of Cyprus, which came to pass even as he had prophesied.  Now the days of this father were eighty years; ten years he lived in the house of his father, and seven years in the city of Alexandria, and for three and sixty years he led the life of a monk and fought a great fight.  And he pleased God and died at a good old age.  And Saint John of the Golden Mouth (Chrysostom) praised this holy man, and Saint Basil in his writings also praised him.  Salutation to Ablarius (Hilarius?) who drank seawater and ate grass.

Salutation to Sabla Mariyam, who was famed for her fasting and self-abnegation.

And on this day also Saint Paul and his companion [Longinus], and the holy woman Zaina became martyrs.  Salutation to Paul, Longinus, and Zaina.

And on this day also are commemorated Eusia (Ausia), and Constantine.

Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints.  Amen.