On this day Ausanius, and Philemon, and a certain virgin whose name was Likaia, became martyrs. These saints believed through Paul, the Apostle, when he was in the city of Phrygia. And when the infidels made a festival in honor of the idol Artemis, which they called by the name of the star of Venus, these saints gathered together, and went into the house of idols to see them, and to mock at their infidelity and error. And when they saw the man sacrificing to the idols, the flame of divine love waxed great in their hearts, and they went out of the temple, and entered the holy Church of Christ, and added to their praises and exhortation of our Lord Christ. And a certain man of those who were there heard them, and he heard in their talk the house of idols mentioned, and how they mocked at the people, and at their idols. And when information about this was laid before the governor, he mounted his horse and came to the church, and some of the believers took to flight. And the governor seized these saints, and he made iron rods red-hot in the fire, and thrust them into the sides of the saints. Then he cast Saint Ausanius into a well and the soldiers stoned him with stones until he delivered up his soul. And Saint Philemon and Saint Likaia he tortured severely many times, and they asked God to receive their souls; and He accepted their petition, and took their souls, and they received the crown of martyrdom in the kingdom of the heavens. And behold mention of their faith, and of their martyrdom, is made in the Gadla Hawaryat. Salutation to you, O Ausanius, and Philemon, and Lokala.

And on this day also Saints Kona, a deacon of the city of Rome, and Minas, of the city of Kus, and Delmadius, of the city of Gaza, became martyrs. Salutation to Kona, and Minas, and to Delmadius. Salutation to Kumuta, and to Antonius.

[On this day are commemorated Damayelnos, and Reginos, the martyrs, and Antony, that is to say Raweh, the Koreishite, of the nobles of the new Arabs.]
Glory be to God Who is glorified in His Saints. Amen.